Base Cabinets

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Kitchen Base Cabinets

We can divide kitchen cabinets into 2 main sections. These are wall-hung cabinets and base cabinets from the floor to the kitchen counter.

Today, kitchens are designed not only as dining areas, but also as living spaces. From now on, our guests are hosted in the kitchen, TV series and matches are watched here. When this is the case, the design of our kitchen cabinet also becomes extremely important. Dozens or even hundreds of different base cabinet models have emerged in terms of color and design for many reasons, especially for the correct use of the kitchen area.

A standard base cabinet is 36 inches high and 24 inches deep. This type of cabinet is equipped with a built-in riser that allows you to move your feet comfortably while preparing food on the counter.

What Are the Standard Base Cabinet Depths?

The depth of standard base cabinets is 24” (inches). But there are base cabinets in different depths depending on the cabinet brand, the structure of your kitchen or your request.

Kitchen Base Cabinet Dimensions

The standard dimensions for wall cabinets are as follows.

  • Standard Base Cabinets Heights : 34.5" inches (36" inches with countertop)
  • Standard Base Cabinets Depths : The standard size is 24" (inches) But Lazy Susan cabinets are generally 33" (inches) deep.
  • Standard Base Cabinetry Widths: 12" to 42" in 3" increments. Filler cabinets come in 6 and 9 inch widths.

We can generally classify cabinets that go beyond these dimensions as special size base cabinets.

The standard cabinet height for basic cabinets is 34.5 inches. This height is a standard determined by considering the average height of people. Although these measurements are sometimes a problem for tall people, there is a solution to this.

Base cabinets are usually 24" deep. Some of you may ask the question. Why aren't they deeper? Actually, the answer is very simple. People's ease of access and use are taken into account when setting these standard values. In deep base cabinets, reaching something with our hands will be difficult.

Although the height and depth of the base cabinet for the kitchen are generally fixed, their widths can vary a lot. With 3" increments, we can find a base cabintry from 12" to 48". In addition, there are many base cabinet models that we can use in order to evaluate our usage area correctly.

What are The Base Cabinet Types?

We can do the base cabinets under many categories. But in general, We can categorize them;

  • Base Single Door Cabinets : Single door and drawer base cabinet models are available. Their storage capacity is quite good.
  • Base Double Door Cabinets : Standard base cabinets are the most preferred cabinets in the kitchen. Double doorand drawer base cabinet models are available. Their storage capacity is quite good.
  • Sink Base Cabinets : Kitchen Sink cabinets are one of the most critical cabinets of kitchen cabinets. It can be used under the kitchen sink or under the kitchen stove. We can also consider farm sink cabinets in this category.
  • Base Corner Cabinets : There are many corner cabinet alternatives according to your kitchen cabinet and wall structure. The most known of them are; Blind Corner Cabinets, Diagonal Corner Cabinets, Lazy Susan and Pie Cut Corner Cabinets. In addition, in order to use Corner cabinets more functionally, you can examine many accessory alternatives on our Cabinet Accessories page.
  • Drawer Base Cabinets : We offer drawer base cabinets with 1, 2, 3 or 4 drawers, which allow you the flexibility you need to create ideal storage solutions for your kitchen. It is used to store drawers, cutlery and other basic kitchen equipment. You can also view many accessories for chest of drawers on our Cabinet Accessories page.
  • Base Angle Cabinets : Transition cabinets allow you to soften the hard edges of your kitchen, add interesting elements to your design, soften the transition from deep cabinets to shallow cabinets, or simply create a more open feel. Base Angle Cabinets and Angle End Cabinets will be the cabinet options you are looking for in this regard.
  • Microwave Base Cabinets
  • Double Entry Base Cabinets
  • Drawer/Door Combination Base Cabinets
  • Decorative Base Cabinets

How to Maximize Our Kitchen Space?

Some cabinet models are designed to use the kitchen cabinet more efficiently. To list a few of them;

  • Base Corner Cabinets : Corner cabinets can be separated among themselves. These cabinets used at the junction corners of the walls. They prevent the loss that will occur in the storage area. They also make your kitchen cabinet look more beautiful.
  • Lazy Susan Cabinets : In fact, these cabinets are a kind of corner cabinet model. But thanks to the rotating trays placed inside this cabinet, we can use our storage space extremely efficiently. We don't have to reach for our belongings behind the closet. By turning the tray, we can easily take it as we wish.
  • Drawer Base Cabinets: These cabinets are especially ideal for storing extremely important and small kitchen utensils such as forks, spoons and knives. There are also different accessories that can be placed inside these cabinets.
  • Base End Angle Cabinets: They are cabinet models that are used at the corner points of our cabinets and create extra space for us. Especially those looking for small corner cabinets can examine this base cabinet model.

Cheap Base Cabinets

Cheap does not mean poor quality, and expensive cabinet does not mean high quality. Here, the company you are considering buying cabinets and the cabinet brands it sells are very important. Cabinets, unfinished cabinets or which we call Ready to Assembled, are cheaper than ready-made cabinets. If you are prone to repair and renovation works, you can choose middle cabinets. You can get the same quality base cabinet for less. offers you high quality kitchen cabinets at cheap and competitive prices. In fact, it has adopted the policy to offer you the most affordable price.

What are The Cabinets on The Base Called?

Alternatively, you can search for bottom cabinets or lower cabinets.

How Much Space Should be Between Wall and Base Cabinets ?

The total space needed between wall cabinets and base cabinets is 18" to 20" inches. But this value may vary according to your kitchen. While it is generally 18 inches in classical kitchens, there may be spaces of 20 inches or more in modern kitchens.

Kitchen Base Cabinet Accessories

For kitchen base cabinets, you can find many types of accessories used for many different purposes. Pull Out Shelves, Pull Out Spice Rack, Cabinet Organizer, Trash Can, Roll Out Tray and more... You should definitely visit our Kitchen Cabinet Accessories page.