Blue Kitchen Cabinets by Forevermark : Xterra Blue Shaker Cabinets 19Nov

Blue Kitchen Cabinets by Forevermark : Xterra Blue Shaker Cabinets

Blue has been one of the top trending kitchen cabinet colors in the last 5 years. We hear it everywhere, from homeowners, designers, contractors and others in the industry. This versatile color is perfect for kitchen cabinets offering a timeless look and a clean backdrop. Blue cabinets are easy to dress up or down, depending on the décor and the environment in which they are used. Blue is often associated with natural colors such as seawater and calming blue skies. And if you also like this blue color then psychologically you are a person who likes calm. So it is highly recommended if you try these trendy blue kitchen cabinets.


In our search, blue was the second most searched color for kitchen cabinets. As in the past year, the color choice for blue cabinets, both dark blue and light blue, is increasingly being used for kitchens because it is considered easy to match with other colors.


Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets - Navy kitchen cabinets are the right choice for those of you who are interested in dark kitchen cabinets but don't have the courage to switch to black kitchen cabinets. Kitchen colors like this are widely used for American style home concepts, but they never go out of style and are still suitable for use from year to year, especially in navy shaker cabinets which give the impression of luxury and elegance.

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets - Unlike navy, dark blue is a little lighter. The dark blue kitchen is great for a kitchen base combined with white. Provide a sophisticated design that will still look luxurious to your visitors. Dark blue cabinets and copper fixtures have a youthful feel that pays homage to the home's original interior.

Blue-Gray Kitchen Cabinets - Blue-gray is a relatively neutral color that goes well with a variety of decorating styles, as it has the unique ability to add color to a dull, yet unified kitchen. The versatility of blue gray cabinets is amazing when paired with bright colors, as they act as neutrals.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets - These lighter blues feel airy, open and beautiful. Give your kitchen a cozy and sweet look. With the perfect combination of style and functionality, a light blue cabinet with dark handles, stainless steel appliances and a home sink would look absolutely gorgeous.


From the search results, Forevermark released their latest blue accent cabinet product, "Forevermark New Door Style Xterra Blue Shaker". This light blue door color was produced in shaker style cabinets. As is widely discussed, Shaker Style Cabinets are indeed very popular from time to time. So brilliantly Forevermark combines a best-selling shaker with a trendy blue color to produce even more captivating blue kitchen cabinets.

At a Glance About Forevermark Cabinetry


This company is a very large and influential company in the field of RTA (Ready-to-assemble) cabinets. They provide quality wood cabinets at affordable prices. A functional and stylish cabinets, quite reliable and durable. Forevermark Cabinetry features wood construction, superior hardware, and durable paint and finishes. They carefully design each signature style to make sure your kitchen stands out.


Xterra Blue Shaker Cabinets


Blue gives a feeling of coziness and calm, soothing colors can certainly make a room warmer. The right blue cabinets can cheer up a tired kitchen by giving it a clean, fresh look. A touch of blue is a really good idea to add a classic yet modern look to your kitchen. Since blue is a timeless hue, it's a safe way to make your kitchen never go out of style. Xterra blue shaker cabinets are included in the line of light blue cabinets because of their soft color. It has a harmonious natural effect and brings peace to the room, and provides a warm and cool environment. Its bright tones create a sense of air and space. While the Shaker Style Cabinets themselves emphasize the element of simplicity which is the key to success in shaker design styles, giving a clean and uncluttered appearance. So, when the shaker style is combined with the light blue color, it will become an aesthetic blue kitchen cabinet to get a visual comfort in your kitchen.

Xterra blue shaker cabinets are a versatile choice for a variety of kitchen styles and designs, from cozy farmhouse to sleek and modern contemporary. The hue is light enough to feel bright and cheerful, ideal for getting soft and airy. The soft light blue color can create a cozy and homey impression in the kitchen. Bright light blue cabinets are very suitable to be applied in the kitchen, as the kitchen is often likened to the heart of the house, from preparing food to channeling your cooking hobby. With Xterra blue shaker cabinets will make your cooking time fun.

Forevermark Xterra Blue Shaker Cabinets Features

  • Light Blue painted MDF Door
  • Sherwin-Williams GreenSure Finish
  • Carb2 Certified Cabinets
  • Recess Square Door Panel
  • Door Center is MDF
  • Full Overlay, Butt Doors
  • ½” A-Grade Plywood Wall/Base Sides
  • Soft Closing Doors and Drawers
  • Undermount, Full Extension Drawer Glides
  • Dovetail Drawers, Adjustable Hinges
  • Interior/Sides Color Matches Door Color


Use your skills to match Xterra blue shaker cabinets to their eye-catching surroundings, so that your kitchen will be a happy place for years to come. Some of the tricks below will help you improve the style of your kitchen interior.

Forevermark Xterra Blue Shaker
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Nearby Equipment - Make sure the table, chairs, floor, kitchen ceiling, sink and lighting can match the blue cabinets, so that the kitchen is more coordinated and organized. Like a chic tile floor, bold wall color, vibrant wallpaper, vintage lamps, patterned backspash or wicker bar stools. If you have stainless steel appliances, the Xterra blue shaker cabinets is the perfect combination. For a more permanent burst of color, find kitchenware in your favorite shade of blue. Also add accents such as paintings or flower decorations to sweeten the look of your kitchen. The trick to creating a comfortable impression in the kitchen is to be able to adapt a modern style with an industrial touch through furniture and lighting. Besides choosing the right kitchen wall and floor tiles, spice things up with an elegant blue xterra shaker cabinet. Be sure to outfit your kitchen with a chic backsplash, glossy hardware, sleek countertops and modern accents. Blue cabinets will be a beautiful complementary element, creating a very stylish cooking space. The combination of light blue cabinets with gold accents looks very charming, even though it is complemented by various unique accessories such as decorative lamps and classic equipment. A beautiful selection of xterra blue shaker cabinets can be teamed with marbled finishes on the sides of the cabinets for a sophisticated look. Favorite places like bars will feel complete if you choose a blue color palette. Combined with wicker bar stools, patterned cushions, unique chandeliers and the best selection of open shelf drinks, you are ready to have some fun in your blue bar cabinet.

Kitchen Size - Kitchen size plays a big role in your color decision. A small kitchen, for example, can feel cramped if the color of your kitchen cabinets is dark and dense. But you don't have to have an all-white kitchen to create a space that feels spacious. Choosing soft Xterra blue shaker cabinets and soft gray marble for the island and backspash will give the kitchen an air of elegance. You can also use an open concept as a solution to make the room feel more spacious. Let in natural light with lots of windows to the roof open. The use of the soft Xterra blue shaker cabinet and the kitchen that is integrated with the outdoors makes your kitchen feel spacious and comfortable. For a spacious, white-toned kitchen, the Xterra blue shaker cabinets can be shrouded in gray, making it work beautifully in the same way as in a minimalist space.

Mix and Match Colors - For a fresh modern look for years to come, don't be afraid to add a unique color to your kitchen mix. Xterra blue shaker cabinets is a calming and comfortable soft blue color, paired with white and wood for a relaxed beach look, will add classic charm to a traditional space or display as a modern accent. Adding a brown color, gives a luxurious look to blue kitchen cabinets. Dark wood tables are a great choice, a touch of hardware or brass adds charm to the design when paired with Xterra blue shaker cabinets. Feel free to pair it with dark shades like black subway tiles. If you're worried about a room feeling heavy, white walls and a light table complete the look and keep everything feeling harmonious. Try complementary colors such as orange which is synonymous with cheerful colors. Putting down the orange chairs makes the Xterra blue shaker cabinets a pleasing contrast. If you want to produce a kitchen that is unique and full of good functions, you can combine it with white, a classic touch on the blue side of the kitchen cabinets with decorative accents and timeless decorations.



Xterra blue kitchen cabinets will have a big moment in kitchens in 2023, as their subdued color is an opportunity to bring some color to the kitchen, coordinating well with staples, long-lasting design choices such as stainless steel or brass. Blue kitchen cabinets are a great choice for keeping a comfortable kitchen style for years to come. We think it's clear in your mind how beautiful your kitchen is with the aesthetic Xterra blue shaker cabinets accompanied by a few tricks that we provide above. I hope this helps. For those who want to buy this kitchen cabinet without forgetting, I leave the link below.

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