White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets For Elegant Style 27Oct

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets For Elegant Style

If you are planning to build your dream kitchen or remodel your old kitchen, it is not an easy matter to determine the kitchen cabinet (door style or door color) you will choose for your kitchen. But when you read this article, we think that some kitchen cabinet models will appear in your mind. Especially if what you are looking for is a white shaker kitchen cabinet, you should definitely read the article. So let's start.


Shaker Style Cabinets


Maybe you've heard of this style. Although Shaker Style Cabinets are very popular today, they have always been an eye-catching choice. This style of kitchen cabinets has versatile uses at home. Gives the kitchen a cleaner, tidier look. Shaker type cabinets are also economical compared to other types of furniture, they are generally cheaper due to their ease of construction. Shaker Cabinets are one of the most vivid visual elements in the kitchen.

A Brief History: Shaker Cabinets


Let's first get acquainted with what a Shaker Cabinet is. From the name, the shaker cabinet has a remarkable history. A group of British Quakers and Methodists. The name was founded by the Shaker Religious Community who live a life of simplicity, order and honesty. In the 1780s, this community immigrated to America. They grew up all over New England, they became entrepreneurs and craftsmen. They produced high quality handcrafted "Shaker Style" furniture, including what is known today as Shaker Cabinets. Shakers are known for their many cultural contributions that have an influence on furniture design. Simplicity is key in Shaker's Interior design style.


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Ice White Shaker Cabinets


For color, we can recommend Ice White Shaker Cabinets. The kitchen will look more elegant, clean, and feel spacious. An elegant kitchen will give a warm feeling to the family. The white color is synonymous with cleanliness and one of the advantages of making a white kitchen much popular is that it can create a wider room dimension. That way, what activities are done in the kitchen, such as cooking or eating with family, will be more fun, right?


Now let's see, what benefits you get when choosing Ice White Shaker Cabinet. Have an aesthetic appeal, their simple style. Indeed, the simple design provides the perfect foundation for a number of kitchen styles. Its sleek appearance goes well with any design and décor. With its clean and simple style plus the finishing touches you use, the Ice White Shaker Cabinet will look great in any home. Their minimalist aesthetic features and style make them adaptable, be it traditional, contemporary or modern home designs.


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Traditional Shaker Cabinets
Contemporary Shaker Cabinet
Modern White Shaker Cabinets

Traditional House with White Shaker Cabinets - Beveled edges will help maintain a traditional appearance, as well as a wood finish or white paint color. Choosing antique drawers and handles in matching colors will help add a traditional feel to your Shaker Cabinets.

Contemporary House with Shaker Kitchen Cabinets - For this one, your Ice White Shaker Cabinet can be made with slightly beveled edges. Although this is a very small design difference, it still helps keep your kitchen contemporary, as contemporary homes are synonymous with furniture with curved edges. The colors that are often used are beige, white, gray or navy blue, so it is very appropriate for you to use the Ice White Shaker Cabinet.

Modern House with Ice White Kitchen Cabinets - Shaker cabinet doors can be left plain or supplemented with cabinet hardware. If you like the look of modern cabinets that highlight bright colors, Ice White Shaker Cabinet can be your choice.

Characteristics Of Ice White Shaker Cabinets


The Ice White Shaker Cabinet can also be characterized by an unadorned 5 section door with a recession in the center, sharp and clean geometric lines, inimalistic with minimal decorative elements. Paired with white or light granite countertops, stainless steel fittings and modern hardware to complete the look. The narrow angle and wide profile will easily update the look. Square edge, no ornament, the shaker is loud, elegant and minimalist.


The Shaker Cabinet Door has a basic, straightforward style and the hidden frame adorns the shaker cabinet and draws across the board, it is very flexible and easy to install. While others have decorative edge details. Shaker cabinet door is easy to manufacture, strong and durable. Ice White Shaker Cabinet brings a bright, positive and clean feeling to your kitchen. They feature style and versatility with clean and tidy designs that look stunning.


Ice white shaker cabinets make a more solid base for any interior. Even if you design or remodel your home many times, you will still maintain the same kitchen, because Ice white shaker cabinet is suitable for every design and decoration. They bring together color and design combinations that have transcended every kitchen trend. Outside that, Ice white shaker cabinets are easy to adapt to any home design or décor, so it is very beneficial for homeowners who want to maintain or increase the value of their home. Ice white shaker cabinet is a smart and elegent design for you to get the best experience you will enjoy for years to come because it will never go out of style. The final result and simple design provide timeless charm.

Pratical Side


Ice white shaker cabinets do not require high maintenance, because their simplicity makes this furniture very easy to clean and wipe. Affordable and easy-to-assemble cabinets won't sacrifice style or quality. You can also choose a ready-to-assemble cabinet, this is more profitable in terms of budget. Besides the quality and durable materials we provide, the assembly process is also easy, especially for if you like to use hand tools, Our ice white shaker cabinets can be assembled and shipped to any home with easy. Do not hesitate to contact Online Kitchen Cabinets Store - Cabinetspark.com. We also provide Free 3D design support. You can contact our expert customer representatives right now.

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Finally, I want to say this. Be sure to get an offer from us. Because we always provide service with the most reasonable price policy in kitchen cabinets.