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What Is RTA Cabinets ?

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom cabinet, you have probably seen the term RTA cabinets on many sites on the internet. RTA stands for Ready to Assemble


Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets or, as we have just learned, RTA kitchen cabinets mean more variety and affordable prices for those who want to design their own kitchen.


As can be understood from the title of our article, we will talk about RTA Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets. But to make the content more useful, we will consider assembled cabinets and ready-to-assemble cabinets together. We will outline the pros and cons. We will also list the issues that may vary from person to person when choosing. For example, do you consider yourself talented in assembly?


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Why Should I Choose RTA Cabinet?

1- Price Advantage

The biggest advantage of ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets is their affordable price. Depending on the assembled cabinets, the price may vary between 30% and 50%. Many of our customers ask why the price difference is due. Let's list the factors that affect the price.

Mass Production - Ready-to-assemble cabinets are out of mass production. They are produced in layers and times more than the assembled products.

Manufacturer Storage Cost - Ready-to-install (RTA) cabinets take up much less space than assembled products because they are not installed.

Manufacturer Raw Material Cost - Suppliers like us will buy more and more suitable mass-produced products.

Shipment to Customer - We have said that RTA cabinets occupy much less volume than assembled products. For this reason, shipping costs are also low.


Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets can be of different qualities, just like assembled kitchen cabinets. Quality is not the main factor in selling RTA cabinets at more affordable prices. There are also manufacturers with very high quality RTA cabinets. The price advantage we mentioned is among the assembled and ready-to-install products with the same quality. In this way, a real comparison can be made.

Since you reduce costs by purchasing RTA cabinets, you can get better quality products with your budget. If you're confident in your abilities (Come on, relax. We're not dealing with space science. It's even easier than Ikea furniture. Try to get along well with the screwdriver set.) If you don't have a time constraint, we definitely recommend RTA cabinets from a manufacturer that sells quality products.

2- Time Advantage

RTA cabinets are produced in series before and are kept ready for shipping. Even disassembled packages are small in size, so shipping is fast and inexpensive.

3- Risk of Damage

RTA kitchen cabinets are transported more healthily by cargo companies compared to ready-assembled products. There is little risk of your cabinet being damaged during shipping.

4- Flexible Design Alternatives

Since you can buy each of the parts that make up the RTA cabinets separately, we can say that you are much more flexible in the design of your kitchen cabinet. You can reflect your own tastes on the kitchen cabinet.


What are the disadvantages of RTA cabinets?


We can list many of the disadvantages of Ready-to-Assemble cabinets as the advantages of assembled cabinets. When we go into detail, we can list many pros and cons. If we list the negative aspects of RTA cabinets in general terms;

- You will assemble it yourself. In fact, this can even be an advantage for people who know business. But if you are a little new to assembly work, it will bother you.

- If time is valuable to you, the time you will lose in assembling the cabinet can be a problem for you.

- No matter how experienced you are, you run the risk of injury. We wish you to have your wonderful kitchen without any problems. Home Sweet Home.

- The mounting equipment that comes with the product is standard. They usually see too much of our work. But in some cases, professional support equipment or supplies may be needed. (Tools, glue, etc.)


We've come to the end. We hear the promise of water in the returns of many of our customers. If you are confident in yourself. There are no words to describe the pleasure you will feel when you assemble the ready-to-assemble kitchen and bathroom cabinets yourself. Because you also have a job.


You know what you need. Now we also know the concepts of ready-to-assemble and assembled cabinets. We also know the pros and cons. If your preference is to buy RTA cabinet, we recommend you to contact us. Let's determine together the best quality and suitable color according to your budget. Without forgetting!!! We also have a free 3D Kitchen design service.

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